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Well, well. Here I am at Dreamwidth.

I probably won't be importing my entries from LiveJournal (mostly because they're an epic mess) but I'll probably start cross-posting some entries. For now I think LiveJournal will remain my main journal, with this one as a back-up (unless I develop a better sense of organisation here).

Nevertheless here's a little about me:

1. I'm mostly multi-fannish - although my current love affair with Pundits may prove the undoing of that.

2. I'm Antipodean (born in NZ, raised in Australia, I identify as a Kiwi) and I live in the North-East of the UK.

3. I'm bisexual and completely open about it.

4. My greatest ambition is being a published author.

5. With regards to fanfic: I write mostly slash (I really wish I could write het or femmeslash but I fail utterly at describing the female body with anything other than clich├ęs. Believe me - the irony of that does not escape me.) with a sideline in gen.

on 2009-05-03 12:45 am (UTC)
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Posted by [personal profile] loz
Do you know I don't think I even realised that you were born in NZ? I knew you were there before Oz, but didn't know you were born there. I feel enlightened.

(Number one? Totally terrifies me. NO, Jen, NO. Put the Pundits down! Bad fangirl, no delicious pudding! In all honesty, I know what you mean. I never expected to become monofannish, but then I did, and it was weird, but I am back in poly-land now and it is fine.)

on 2009-05-03 12:55 am (UTC)
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Posted by [personal profile] loz
People can tell where I'm from. During University my English accent came back with a vengeance and now people are surprised I've been in Australia for 15 years.

Now I am sure buying you was the best. thing. ever. But, you know, this doesn't surprise me. I was totally going to stop writing LoMfic last year, and then... there's this one story that would be my magnum opus, but I am too afraid to start it.

on 2009-05-03 01:09 am (UTC)
loz: (Loz Cola)
Posted by [personal profile] loz
I do get attitude from some people, yeah. The typical 'you're a pom' thing, which does tend to get my goat.

Hey, do you like Flight of the Conchords? Because their depiction of the Oz/NZ divide is hilarious.

This Magnum Opus is all about Sam (you're shocked, aren't you? Yeah I knew you would be.) Also, the next generation, by and large, seem to suck. Uh, did I just say that?

on 2009-05-03 01:32 am (UTC)
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Posted by [personal profile] loz
HEE. OMG, we're so similar. I find about 90% of FotC stuff not that awesome, but things like the Oz/NZ conflict had me continue watching the show. And some of their songs are amusing. I'm quite relieved I'm not the only one who wasn't completely enchanted and thought they were the best thing ever.

Dude, I totally had a 'why didn't more people comment on Pro Patria Mori????' spaz-out after you posted. I came to conclusion more people were IDIOTS. And the comments you did get were awesome. There are still some excellent writers. I highly recommend nepthys_uk, argyleheir and vermin_disciple. But - yes. I find the majority of LoM fiction either isn't technically bad, but doesn't interest me, or is technically bad and doesn't interest me. Once upon a time I could have confidently said there wasn't much bad!fic in the fandom, but now I can't. Sturgeon's Law prevails.

on 2009-05-03 01:57 am (UTC)
loz: (Freaks and Geeks (Ken & Nick))
Posted by [personal profile] loz
Huh. We really are so similar. My main complain about FotC was that I was lucky if I found one thing that made me laugh in each episode. I still kept watching, though.

I think the problem was that it was too good and people didn't know how to respond. I've been told that this occurs. People read something, love something, but don't think any comment they leave will do the eloquence and beauty justice. I don't think these people realise that most of us would be happy simply with 'I read this and loved it'.

Jen, I have a number in my name. :( :( :(

on 2012-12-19 03:01 am (UTC)
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Posted by [personal profile] adafrog
Hi! *waves* commenting here rather than LJ because it took me so long to comment that LJ is now down. Hopefully not for long.

Glad to see you again.


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