Make not your thoughts prisons

Oct. 22nd, 2017 05:42 pm
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My mood has taken a tumble recently and with it all my motivation which is proving challenging both at work and at home. At work in a way it's not so bad because there aren't enough hours to do everything anyway so I don't need self-motivation (though it's entirely possible that's what has killed my mood and ability to do anything because at times it does all feel a bit pointless- running just to stay still!)

I've hardly seen anyone recently outside things I have to do and I spent my day off last week doing literally nothing- well reading which I guess counts as something but not really.

Bah. I know I just need to get a grip but it's not always quite that straightforwards is it?

I did manage to switch from my summer to winter clothes today which was nice because I remembered all the pretty things I have to wear in the winter. Oh and I also *consumed the relevant media* for my [community profile] yuletide prompt which is going to be a challenge (and may need a very specific sort of beta) but I have some ideas already which is better than last year!

And if I get through this next week then I have a weekend in Chichester with 2 of my favourite people and 3 plays so that has to be good ♥

And right now I'm listening to my Cleo Laine Shakespeare & All That Jazz album and I do love it very very much now finally own it.

What are you all looking forwards to this week? Big or small!

Not all tears are an evil

Oct. 13th, 2017 11:16 pm
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I have fallen into a mini-spiral of A-Ha Unplugged videos which isn't a thing I ever expected to say but this version of Take On Me is almost unbearably beautiful.

(It was the funeral today and then I went back to work for the afternoon and consequently I'm in a slightly odd mood)

Yesterday I went to Kew and braved the Treetop Walkway, explored their Artful Autumn installations and Sculpture at Kew as well as taking approximately 8 million pictures of leaves and trees and bark...

Leap into Life by Tim Hollins

A few favourite photographs )


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