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What's that? Posting twice do closely together? Why, Jen, people will think they you've been replaced by a robot or something.

(Hands down the best Walterism in this week's Fringe. On the other hand: OH OLIVIA! *hugs forever and ever*)

Today was not a great day. Starting with a very late-running hospital appointment and blood withdrawal issues. Also an injection to help my fucked up hip (that really hates the cold this year) which fucks you up worse for a couple of days.

And then having to work on that hip. Worst fucking Friday in ages.

(My AM sent me home because I was practically in tears on the floor. I should point up that I was holding up fairly okay on the so-painful-I'm-crying side of things until she started being nice to me and offering me things.

AM: Are you okay? You're not okay. Do you want to go home? Go home, Jen, just go home.

She also told me that if I still feel like shit on Sunday to not worry and just ring in and say I can't come to work. It is the Christmas Party day, which is generally a sort of organised chaos which everyone has to work, so that's kind of a big deal.

I should be okay by then, though. My Mum's had these injections before and says it takes a day or so to stop hurting and then there's blessed relief on the other side.)

I knew it was going to hurt. I didn't know how horribly badly it was going to hurt. This is awful.

So I rang my Dad and asked if he could take me home, but I was partially crying when I did it so he got all Dadlike. I'm at my Folks', now, after he persuaded me to just get my stuff (including Moya, natch) and come back with him.

Of course - I remembered later that I'm waiting on a parcel that I suspect may be delivered tomorrow and now I won't be there to collect it if it is.

(I've become a little obssessed with the parcel - in a sort of 'when I get the parcel everything will be okay'. Amongst other things it has the cards that I'm going to send to y'all in it. So. I'll be gutted if I miss it.)

Speaking of Christmas Hogswatch cards - this is a last call for anyone as wants a card from me. I'm leaving comments on so send me a PM (at LJ or DW, I don't mind) if you'd like a card and I haven't already stated that I'm sending you one.

(I'm pretty sure I have the addresses that I needed. For those of you as moved.)


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