Mar. 10th, 2012

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(First: thank you to the people who expressed kind thoughts in my direction. I got to say goodbye to my cat and am mostly okay.)

Okay. It's best to start my recounting of this latest London trip with a review of The Recruiting Officer. I know a couple of you have tickets to see it later on in the run so I'm not going to make it exhaustive but I may not be able to resist a few spoilers in amongst the squeeing.

I preface thusly: I love theatre but I never see as much as I want to. Entirely my own fault for not making an effort to make it to the various North-Eastern theatres I have easy access to. So most of my experiences with theatre are things I'm seeing for very specific reasons: Avenue Q because a) I wanted to see it and b) Daniel Boys, RAGAD for Jamie Parker & Samuel Barnett, Panto for the Barrowpants. The Recruiting Officer for Tobias Menzies.

It generally means that I'm not entirely unbiased when I talk about things. Just a warning.

That being said: The Recruiting Officer was fantastic )

This goes out of a cut: for those of you that are attending - try and get into the theatre itself as soon as it opens. They begin building the atmosphere almost the moment the first few people are let in (I was, like, fourth in I think, because I was so excited) with the actor/musicians creating wonderful music and then some other stuff which I shan't spoil outside the cut.

And back under the cut we go )

In conclusion: it was fantastic and everyone was fantastic and I love everyone in this bar I wish I could see it again.

Outside the cut I can talk about how: I couldn't stop grinning* all the time Tobias was on the stage, whether he was being funny or not; there was a point early on in the second half where I literally flailed because I was so amused; the bit where my internal monologue actually shut down whilst Tobias was on stage.

I recommend it highly to anyone who're lucky enough to be able to get tickets. And to those of you that already do: I'm jealous that you have it ahead of you (and you must come talk to me all about it when you've seen it).

Coming up next: On How Jen Had A Conversation With Tobias Menzies Like A Real Human Being.

*This is a thing my Mum pointed out to me when we were watching Forget Me Not - that I just smile/grin at him the entire time he's on screen. Since she pointed it out I've become incapable of not noticing it and I've discovered that I just can't stop. There were moments during the play where I tried to smooth the grin out of my face because my cheeks were hurting, but I couldn't. Physically incapable.
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This is. I still can't really even about this? But yeah. Okay. This will be massively disjointed, I should point out, because that's the only way I can think about it coherently. This is basically because every time I've thought about how to write this down it's started out making sense and just descended into my flailing at the nearest object and going HIS FAAAAAACE~ (or sometimes: HIS FUCKING FAAAAAACE~). So, um, I apologise in advance?

So the play finishes and I go outside the Donmar (where it was quite cold, really) despite the fact that the cessation of the constant state of anxiety I'd been in since I bought the ticket had resulted in my legs turning to the approximate consistency of jelly. I feel a bit awkward hanging about so I ring my Mum (despite low phone battery) to have a little flail about how great the play was and how perfect Tobias is etc etc.

Whilst I'm on the phone Mark Gatiss comes bounding out of the Donmar and off down the street. Not long after him comes Mackenzie Crook and then Aimee-Ffion Edwards, who head off in different directions. Then I see a whole bunch of folk coming down the stairs inside and assume that Tobias is amongst them (and I assume this, sad to say, mostly because I'm fairly certain I've spotted his ridiculous gangly legs) so I say goodbye to Mum and take to pacing about outside in an effort to contain the nervous energy.

I espy him at last, through the glass doors, and the first thing I think is: FUCK YOU SIR because he's wearing a trilby. The bastard. (Who wears hats?! I later opined to a friend. Uh, you? was the answer. *cough*) Wearing a trilby and with his jacket slung over his shoulder and the bastard just looked smooth and cool and, yeah, I could see how this was the guy who reportedly split up Kristin Scott-Thomas' marriage.

I digress.

I was across the road (where I'd been doing a passable impersonation of "someone who is waiting for a lift or something" whilst more of the cast poured out onto the street speaking to people who were obviously friends who'd come along to see the play) at that point so I moved over again, still pacing a bit, and could see Tobias signing something for someone inside. Shit, I thought, I should've stayed inside where it's significantly warmer. At this point I was still thinking I'd get him to sign my program or something so I had my program clutched a bit to my chest and pen tucked up my sleeve because that's how I roll, yo.

(Though, in all honesty, I wasn't sure what I was even going to say to him because I was still uncertain about whether or not I'd be able to beat my own anxiety enough to speak to him.)

Tobias finally comes outside and through some surge of energy I didn't even know I possessed I sort of maybe leap towards him? A little bit? (I should point, I did meet his eyes first, so it wasn't like a total surprise attack.)

A, slightly paraphrased, vague transcript of events )


I am ruined. Because this is the saddest thing of them all: before he was a face on a TV screen that I adored. Now he is a face that I have spoken to and that has seen my face and he is a real person that I am apparently starting to develop actual real person feelings for which are just so very unhealthy.

Actually, yes, I forgot to mention. I sort of booked it along the street, in what I thought was the opposite direction to Tobias & Co, because of reasons. By the time I got to the street corner I'd given in and pulled my phone out to call Mum, all aflail, and I looked over my shoulder to see them walking along not that far behind me, which made me turn blindly back in Covent Garden direction when it would've been better (I discovered the next day) to move towards Leicester Square, and it was this whole flaily mess of an extended thing.

And thus ends the tale of How Jen Had A Conversation With Tobias Menzies Which, On Reflection, Contained More Flirting Than She Realised. And, hey, those of you who're going to see the play? If you happen to see Messr. Menzies tell him I say hello. :D

Tomorrow, in a flocked entry because it involves Real!Jen, I will tell the story of How Jen Volunteered For a BBC TV Show And Might End Up On TV.


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