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1. David Mitchell and Victoria Coren are getting hitched! And I love that they went about it the properly old-school way by making an announcement in the Times. ♥_♥

(This, as I've mentioned on the Twittermachine, amuses me endlessly because a certain RPF fandom started shipping them before they even got together. FICTION BECOMING REALITY.)

If they decide to produce offspring those children will be the cleverest, most sarcastic the world has ever seen.

2. I'm heading into a 10 day period where I'm nominally in charge of my workplace (sharing the duties with an AM from another branch), including two godawful long Fridays so I would very much appreciate a trickle of happy making things from my flist over the next week or so.

Or, you know, Tobias Menzies delivered to my door. That'd work too. :D

3. Speaking of - I may have accidentally become a little addicted to a 14 (FOURTEEN) year old series of Casualty because of Messr. Menzies. I had intended to just watch his 11 episode run - but I've accidentally become invested in several of the other characters. So I'm going back and acquiring the other episodes, now that I've finished his run, to find out what happens to everyone.

Here's the main thing Twitter got from me whilst watching: HOW ARE YOU SO GOOD YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE SO GOOD IN YOUR FIRST JOB OUT OF RADA YOU SHIT.

These were, quite genuinely, the first episodes of Casualty I've ever watched. Amongst them there were a handful bonkers accidents and slightly implausible situations. Also: bb!Martin Freeman and bb!Parminder Nagra, a surprise!Tony Robinson and a host of surprisingly good patients of the week.

I am now running desperately low on Tobias-centric media which makes me very sadface. BE IN MORE THINGS, TOBIAS! DIRECTORS, HIRE TOBIAS FOR MORE THINGS.

4. I'm intending on seeing The Hunger Games on Saturday! About this I am excited. I bought a Littlest Katniss when I was in London so I'm guessing she'll probably come along with me. Because I am that geek, apparently.

And then on the following Wednesday it's The Pirates! in an Adventure With Scientists! Which is a film it feels like I've been excited about for an incredibly long time. Aardman, you know? Plus pirates. And the original teaser had a song in it that thrilled me.

There's a fish in a hat and the last dodo, ripping, roaring and a yoho, Charles Darwin and his monkey Bobo - AND THE PIRATE CAPTAIN!

5. And finally, going back to Tobias (as I do quite constantly these days), Colleague P managed to get so turned about by my telling of the Encounter that he somehow got it into his head that I was actually seeing him.

Now, I know I can be familiar about actors etc that I admire/fancy/adore/love (only ever referring to George Clooney as Gorgeous George springs to mind) but I really don't think I've ever given that impression.

(Unless it was the part where I admitted that meeting him in person may have accidentally triggered the switch in my brain that says I'm allowed to have real person feelings about him rather than just fannish feelings. Oops.)
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