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1. I posted yesterday about Eternal Law not getting a second series and how sadface that made me. I said on Twitter, after reading Sam Samuel West's twitters about it, that ITV could've taken some of that Downton money given it another shot - in a better timeslot (Thursday is a weird night) and with tighter writing (sometimes I think TV writers need betas too) it could've been really successful.


On the upside I can write whatever the hell I want for post-series fic? (Like the one where Zak ends up mortal and Richard has to watch him grow and it turns out that SPOILERS and I weep just thinking about it.)

2. I saw The Phantom Menace in 3D today. Yes: I know it's a terrible film. Yes: I know what it did to your childhood. Yes: I know that the 3D conversion is solely to fleece more money from people like me. No: I don't give a shit about any of that.

For me: it was brilliant. For my mother: it was hilarious watching me speak along with Obi-Wan, indicate where the fight scenes were going, act out Boss Nass' mannerisms and faux-conduct the score all the way through.

In 1999 I saw TPM 7 times. The first time with my sister while we were on holiday in Sydney for my birthday. The last time by myself as it came to the end of its run. Between that I saw it five times with a particular friend (a couple of those times other people were with us). He and I developed a pile of in-jokes that came back to me throughout the film.

Basically: this film was a massive part of my life and I know that I lot of people are still angry about it (Simon Pegg acts like he isn't, but that's a lie) but I quite genuinely couldn't care less.

3. So on March 6th I am going to London. I will be staying with two of my favourite people in the world (who I haven't seen since November) and seeing Tobias Menzies' faaaace. On March 7th I'm not leaving until 6ish and have no concrete plans so if anyone is available for lunch or hanging out or whatever I would love to see them!

I am excite. And generally quite cheerful at the moment. Which is a nice place to be.
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