Apr. 19th, 2012

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In the past hour I've watched a minor explosion of fic reading happen amongst some of the less-famous British comedians. All because some randomer decided to @mention them when reacting to something they'd found at the AO3.

Guys. It is HILARIOUS. Particularly poor Humphrey Ker having to deal with Penny Dreadfuls threesomes. And Matthew Crosby staying up an hour after he meant to go to bed, reading (sounds familiar, eh?).

I sense a forthcoming LOCK DOWN EVERYTHING moment in the BritCom RPF fandom but Gods, it's been fun watching.

I know a lot of people properly freak out about this kind of thing happening - but that's the internet, folks. If you're going to put something up you've got to take the risk it's going to be seen. At least they're mostly finding it amusing/interesting. Could've been a lot worse.

(Like, Gods, if one clicks on the BritCom tag and unveils the EPIC amount of Charlie/David and elects to tell them. Though Charlie being the person he is I suspect he already knows. Oh, and some Xander/Richard Osman rough sex is on the first page - please don't link them to it!)

One of the other Penny Dreadfuls is participating now. I can't even. Also - some of them are critiquiing character and offering concrit - like Matthew Crosby pointing out that he doesn't know Milton Jones (because there's this whole series, idek).

Best. Night. Ever.

This is why I love British comedians, pretty much. I mean. I think some of them are even leaving kudos.

(Clearly I have to make sure they're all written into the massive BritCom High School AU I've been planning for months. It has a cast of thousandes after all.)


jennova: Jason Lee as Brodie, smiling. (Default)

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