Apr. 4th, 2012

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I meant to make this entry on, uh, Saturday? But I got distracted, as always.

1. Hell week was over on Sunday. I was bizarrely jubilant by the end of it considering how horrific things had gotten by Thursday - as Twitter can attest. I genuinely did think I was going to have a panic attack on the afternoon and by the evening my mood had swung about so far that I was quite worried about myself.

But it's over now.

2. Yesterday, amongst other things, the front door literally fell off our building. It was just one of many unfeasible things that happened because of WEATHER to my workplace. It was a ridiculous day. Ridiculous.

3. I finished watching the last of Dirk Gently on Friday night. I think, as my friend Josh said, that Dirk is the role Stephen Mangan was born to play - he's rather perfect at it.

It also gave me interesting thoughts about the near-constant use of subtext in buddy shows and how, actually, it doesn't have to be there after all (I've sort of been operating on the assumption that it was just a thing modern writing was afflicted with). Therefore it is is deliberate in, say, the USA Network shows and Sherlock and I'm not sure how I really feel about that. Because the thing about Dirk Gently is that even though MacDuff is constantly throwing words around like 'partner' and Dirk actually vaguely admitting that he needs MacDuff - there's no actual subtextual rumblings.

As much as I would like to ship Dirk/Richard (because Stephen Mangan/Darren Boyd is a v. pretty thought) there's no indication for it. That's almost amazing in this Age of Bromance.

There's probably a whole big thinky post in this but, tbh, I can't summon up the mental energy to write it.

4. I saw The Pirates! in an Adventure With Scientists! and rather loved it! I often get distracted during Aardman films by the sheer strength of their craft and I think they've pushed themselves even further with this film. They're genius.

And, naturally, I ship the Pirate Captain/The Pirate With A Scarf. Because they are perfect. (I'm now reading the books, which are decidedly not for kids, and chortling along with them.)

5. There is no five, I think, and no more to this entry, I guess. My mood is swaying in and out of malaise and joy, which is making doing ~things~ awkward, and forcing activity doesn't really work.


jennova: Jason Lee as Brodie, smiling. (Default)

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